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Piano Service Testimonials

"Since 1981 Christopher Carranza has been regularly tuning and preparing pianos for my concert, school and church performances at an unparalleled level of excellence." - Dr. Ric Soto (Chair of the Orange Coast College Music Dept.)
"For over 30 years I have trusted the care of my Steinway pianos, and those of my students, exclusively to Christopher Carranza. There is absolutely no better piano Tuner/Tech around. It has been a joy to know him and have him work his magic on my piano year in and year out." - Clorinda Moore (Former President of the LB Music Teachers Association)
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Piano Tuning and Rebuilding

30 years tuning for the Music Department at Disneyland, Anaheim (the musicians who write music for Disneyland Park Shows Worldwide, Disney Movies, etc...). 30 years of loyalty from discriminating musicians at various Recording Studios, Concert Venues, the Moore Theater, local Colleges, Schools, Churches, Synagogues... Famous musicians like Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, The Grateful Dead...

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Standing the test of time. Serving Orange County for over 30 years.

"There is no one more qualified, more knowledgeable and more gracious, personable and pleasurable to deal with than Christopher Carranza. I've trusted him with my pianos for almost 3 Decades." - Tom Renier (World Famous Jazz pianist. Plays for the Oscars, Dancing With The Stars TV show...)

Call (714) 539-0552