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piano rebuilding

Piano rebuilding, especially on Steinways (our specialty), has become a non-specific term. Some dealers and rebuilders (wishing to maximize their profits), simply replace strings, tuning pins, damper felt, hammers and then cosmetically paint the plate and soundboard, and call it a rebuilt piano. We re-manufacture the entire piano by starting with a new pin block, complete underlever assembly on grand pianos, entirely new action, new agraffs, Japanese style plate re-guilding, new bolts, screws, felt and hardware. If necessary, we provide a new key frame, keys and even a brand new spruce soundboard and bridges. In essence, all that is left from the original instrument is the case and the metal plate. However, we are always careful not to replace anything major (underlever assembly, soundboard, bridges) that may still be in fine condition.

"There is no one more qualified, more knowledgeable and more gracious, personable and pleasurable to deal with than Christopher Carranza. I've trusted him with my pianos for almost 3 Decades." - Tom Renier (World Famous Jazz pianist. Plays for the Oscars, Dancing With The Stars TV show...)

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